Antenna installation service & maintenance

We can install your antenna and make sure it stays in tip top working order. Don’t go climbing on the roof to install the antenna, let the experts make sure you get that perfect reception every time. We can also service what we install, and honour manufacturer’s warranties.

Satellite dish installation & maintenance

We install fixed position satellites. Whether you want it for urban or remote, our experienced technicians can make sure you pick up the right signal at the right time. We also offer a maintenance service so that you picture remains crystal clear.

Vast box registration & trouble shooting

We can register your VAST box in store whilst you wait, so it is ready to go as soon as you get home.

Job Profile - Dish Out of Alignment

Symptom: Customer has reported that tenents could no longer receive Foxtel signal.
Cause: Dish was moved out of alignment due to roof repairs. Repairmen put the dish back on the roof but did not align the dish.
Solution: Homesat technicians moved the dish to a better location and re-aligned the dish to receive the signal.

Incorrect placement & alignment

Correct placement & successfully re-aligned

The customer reported that they were now receiving the signal and the picture was clear.

If your roof needs repairing and a dish or antenna miust be moved, call Homesat TV to re-align it for you to receive the best signal possible.

Finding the Satellite Signal

If you are having trouble setting up your portable system, we are here to help. Feel free to come in and ask our friendly staff for advice at no extra charge. We will help you work out the bugs so that you can set your sat TV up anywhere, anytime.

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Come in and ask our friendly staff for advice. We will help you work out the bugs so that you can set your sat TV up anywhere, anytime.