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NT 0820
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  • Satellite Broadband
    High speed 2 way satellite internet


Homesat TV is now a subsidiary of CCSNT

New Product!

Wireless Electricity Monitor: This device measures your electricity usage and allows you to monitor precisly what your household electrical products are using. It calculates the cost according to your tariff rates and lets you track and store usage via your PC. It helps you reduce your electricity bills and in consequence lowers your greenhouse emmisions as an assist towards helping the environment. A constant auditing tool for quick reference anytime.

Satellite Internet

Can't get ADSL or Wireless? If you live in a remote area and don't have access to ADSL you can avail of the Government Broadband Guarantee. To find out more call us on

Homesat TV Dish Mounts

Having a robust satellite dish mount is undoubtedly the most important aspect of an installation in Northern Australia. At HTV we have developed a range of approved certifiable mounts for roof, ground and wall situations that satisfy the various regional cyclonic requirements.

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